Does it really last a whole month?

The bags of litter included with our litter boxes are designed to last one month for one cat. With simple maintenance, our litter boxes will last a full month for a healthy, normal-sized cat.  Our large-grain and fine-grain silica litters need to be stirred each day (which aids in the evaporation of the water component in the urine) in addition to scooping and removing the solids. Our organic soy and clay litters need to have the poo and urine clumps removed daily. 

With that said, we fully understand not all cats are alike!  We do have a number of customers who have large cats, older cats or cats with kidney issues or excessive urination. While our boxes are in fact designed for one cat for one month, for these customers we recommend changing to receiving boxes every three weeks.  For every standard monthly membership for a single box, switching to every three weeks adds only an additional five boxes per year.

Ultimately, we recommend you start with a 4-week renewal cycle and adjust from there as needed.  We're here to help you create the ideal setup for you and your cats and we can adjust box quantity and/or frequency at any time.  Simply get in touch at anytime by sending us an email to

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