What are the litters made of?

Our litters are all made from high-quality, natural materials to meet every preference:

  • Corn & Wheat Litter: Sourced from U.S. farms, this litter is made from natural corn and wheat, offering an eco-friendly option for your cat.
  • Clay Litter: A premium blend of bentonite clay mixed with special minerals to ensure superior clumping and odor control.
  • Organic Soy Litter: Composed of soybeans, this plant-based litter comes in pellet form, providing an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Silica and Fine-Grain Silica Litter: Made from amorphous silica gel, a naturally occurring mineral, these litters offer exceptional moisture absorption and odor control.

Each type is designed with your cat's health and the planet's well-being in mind.

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