How do I help my cat adjust to new litter?

If you're trying a new litter for your cat, there's a good chance that your cat will need time to adjust. We recommend adding half the bag of new litter to your litter box, then sprinkle about an inch of your previous litter on top.  As your cat walks on the litter, it will gradually stir the two litters together, and help make an easier transition.

Cats will often gravitate to what they're familiar with, so it's important to remove access to old litter boxes. Your cat's only choice should be the new litter.  Sometimes this may result in accidents outside the box, but this is temporary, and your cat will transition to the new litter in time.  (If this continues, bring the old litter box back to give your cat a "break", then repeat the process again in a day or two.)

The overall goal is to help your cat become familiar with new litter.  As your cat gradually adjusts, you will be able to use only Kitty Poo Club litter.  
With your first box you can try a thin layer of your existing litter on top of the Kitty Poo Club litter, or try just the new litter by itself.

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